Monday, July 11, 2011

A "How To"....Tutorial

Tutorial by Nicole And Becky:

Steps (not necessarily in order but close)

1. Decided you want to make craft tables, ask Husband to borrow "BEAST" aka our older suburban AKA his baby, that we can not trade in or sale. Head to home depot after a morning work out and no coffee...
2. Pick up mom and insist on stopping for coffee and then slightly being a drama queen and saying "I WILL DIE " if we don't get any. She agrees....pulling up to the drive through on the little coffee place in the BEAST....interesting!
3. Forgetting paperwork at home with wood measurements on it...GOING HOME AGAIN.. NOW on the road to The Home Depot!
4. Asking a man for help who was more of a hindrance then a help and him insisting that we can not build this it was to hard. Excuse me.........I am not sure you know who my mother is?!

5. Him talking us into not getting any more boards because "We don't need them"  ohh buddy....not a good idea. Hind sight is always 20/20

This is mom rolling her eyes at our "helper" 
 6. Getting home only 2 hours after we left and starting. . . 
 7. Realizing my mom is a stud with power tools and I was amazed. 

8. Half way through the door, and  realizing that we needed more boards....and mumbling irritations at the home depot man. 

9. Laughing until I almost peed my pants on multiple occasions, mom laughing so hard she was crying.

10. Getting a little frustrated at the project.... A wardrobe change always helps change my attitude. And it worked. I came out with a new outfit and worked until I couldnt pick up the screw driver any longer.
11. Working in our Garage for 10 hours and feeling pretty completed, savey, sawdust every where and loving the feeling.
12. THEN 
Mom - "the completer" as I like to call her. "Never leave a project unfinished" went up to home depot to get more wood while I ran at 7:30 am on Saturday. Meet up at 8:30 at my house to complete the building of it. 

These are mom's side pieces she just needs to put the top on and paint it. Mine however is not complete. I was still waiting for another board.

It was an awesome experience, Mom and I work really well together and she has taught me so much and I will be asking for a table saw for Christmas! 

I would also like to harm was done to our house, our car or only injury was me hitting my ankle on the "Beast" door while jumping  up into it. I have all fingers and toes.  Bonus points....NICE!  And thank you Mamma for such a great couple of days I loved it and would do it again any time. :) 



  1. good job girls...i told you Nic, you could do it! :)

  2. Awesome, I'll put my order in now. I'd like two please, stained in dark brown/black. Thanks friend!!!! ;) Great job ladies!!

  3. Looking good so far! Love the "how to", especially leaving the measurements behind and having to go back (I can relate), and the "unhelpful" worker - ha!
    My Mum has helped me on so many projects (we re-floored our kitchen and bathroom as a surprise for Russ while he was on a fishing trip once!)... love that you're documenting yours.

  4. I want my power tools back!!! Sorry chop saw. Nice safety goggles Cole.