Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I apologize for how boring I am today!

 I am confused is it April or July???!!

Gosh I feel so boring I have absolutely nothing to share....and yet here I am still posting. But I do have 2 cute outfits I wanted to get on my blog. so here is my attempt at blogging today! I apologize in advance. *Feel free to skip the talking and just look at the pictures- no hard feelings!
Today Husband asked me in his sweetest kids voice. "Sugar (his nickname for me) Why does it look and feel like winter outside?" Its July and its raining and cloudy and windy.....My response..."I am not sure.!" UGG

This was at wedding on Saturday. My 3 friends I have had since practically birth.  
Floral Dress- Consignment store- 19.99
Belt- Thrifted - 1.99
Heart Necklace - Forever 21 5.99
Shoes- Macy's 18.99

 Top- Consignment Store - 4.99
Silk Skirt- Garage Sale - 1.00
Large Belt- Target- 5.99 (on Sale)
Wedge Heels- Famous Foot Wear - 29.99
Necklace -Walmart   3.99

 We had amazing weather over the holiday and the week following. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful then rolls in Monday and Tuesday......Rain! Thunderstorms ! 

This summer my goal is to have my hair grow inches...and stay healthy. I will not be straightening my hair so its go big or go home these days. And boy is it big!  

Happy Tuesday! 

Nic & Cole


  1. I love both outfits, as you well know... since I all but slobbered over you gushing over them in person! (Sometimes I embarrass myself.)