Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 81 of Project 365

Saturday 3/26/2011
"Capture the Cruze" (Amazing Race style) 

500 teams (this is over 1000 competitors!) racing in this "Little" competition. We raced around downtown Portland and answered clues and questions ranging from Math, to building construction,historic questions. I learned one thing that we were not prepared AT ALL!! We did not even have a map or pen to help us, and I call myself a competitive person.....Fail. BUT all in all we had a blast , we work very well in a high/fast pace team situation. 

Picture of the Day:
 So they were giving away for 2nd place- a Cruise to the Bahamas, and 1st place got a 2011 Chevy Cruze

 The rain did hold off until after we raced. One of our clues was to the DragonFish Asian. So after the race we went and ate there, I am not going to was AMAZING!

And for the record I am going to try to be on the Amazing Race!!!

Nic & Cole (Next Amazing Race Star!)  


  1. I hope you make it one day... that show is my favorite of favorite shows! I would LOVE to be on it too, and I think Russ and I would do really well working together - the big drawback is I'm the exact opposite of athletic. It would be a problem! I wouldn't be afraid of the challenges though - I like heights, etc.
    If you guys are ever on it I'll be your biggest fan!!

  2. me too, me too (be your biggest fan that is!)