Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project 365 - House Building

March 10th-

There are days I feel super creative and wordy (in a good way) and I write a blog almost everyday, and then there are days like today that I have to force myself to at least put up something on my blog, since i have wonderful freinds that follow my blog. (thanks Noelle for reminding me that I am slow) And then there are weeks that happen like the last two that I write nothing and I apologize profusely for that. ~
Brittingham House on the Prairie  ~ So long story short, WE have moved location from Canby to Molalla (AKA the Prairie) It is on Trinity is a little over a quarter acre AND we are getting everything we wanted! 

Our Spacious lot! And we even own the private Drive!!!
Front Door

My beautiful Kitchen

Our Master Bath!

Entry Way (our stairs will be here)

Our living room, it will have hardwood not carpet

My beautiful BIG NEW closet
Ohhh happy day to me!!! We are scheduled to move in May 25th! Praise Jesus
** side note did you see how big my closet is??? its amazing and my boots and and bags and cloths are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE me. and also me and my husband can share a closet for the first time in our marriage !! 

Nic & Cole



  2. Oh the party(ies) we shall have there soon! Can't wait to live 2:37 seconds from you.

  3. love the living room and kitchen area!! it looks awesome! I love the dark wood floors too! it looks great! so happy for you two! :)