Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 365

Hello Blogger world, My name is Nicole and I am failing at being a "blogger" I have realized that not just 1 week has passed but now 2......And to top it off I do not have pictures for all of my 30 Remix. If this was a high school class my grade would be F+ (the Plus is for my outstanding personality and talkative class input I put in)
Then I noticed that on my last two post I have had to begin with a confession, too much yellow and not enough blogging! ......ohhh boy!

Quick Recap-
Lost the house (again), Had a big vision conference at the church (that took up 3 days, and I have no pictures to show....Ohh did I mention that i am terrible at taking pictures), Our varsity boys played for state and won, then played first round at state and lost(sad, sad day), looked at 6 more houses now instead of Canby we are looking in Molalla, babysat my adorable nephew Oliver, had a great birthday brunch with my Brittingham family, and a big birthday bash that made my heart soar, date day with my Tom, looking for washer and dryers!!! ALL IN ALL A GREAT 2 WEEKS.

Oh the Joy of Living in the Willamette Valley, one day sunny one day windy and raining.

Its about time!!! My hair was weeks overdue. Thank goodness for a Holiday=no work
Benefits of Working at a school= Snow day, no work! !  ! ! !  

Ohh Silly Willamette valley, we get not even an inch of snow and everything gets canceled. This is our snow and we are very proud of it!!!

I am guilty of being an outfit repeater...but like kendi says "if it works just go with it." 
Happy Birthday Day to me, It was my Golden Birthday, Started out with my sister and brother in laws and Kids in tow for a brunch then shopping and followed up with a coffee shop trip. Then off to a wonderful birthday party with our friends!
Sheena, Jenn her youngest Cason, me and Ollie

My wonderful Birthday Cake Party ohh how I loved it!!! :)
*Another confession, this shirt may look new, that is because it is!!! it is not part of my Remix, but I felt it was necessary and totally 100% okay to wear it, since my sweet, loving and amazing husband picked it out all by himself and then wrapped it and delivered it in bed to me on my birthday!!!    

More Confessions: Everything I am wearing I got for my birthday.....the only thing that was part of my remix was the white shirt I have under. . . But then again the people that got me these gifts want to make sure they fit...so I needed to wear them!!!! :) As you can now tell I make the rules fit me as I go! And why yes...these are real NEW boots straight from TEXAS!!!! I slept in them until tom pulled the blanket up to far and the boots peeked out from the bottom of the sheet....then I was told that they were safe in our room and that no one would take them if I took them off!!!
He let me pick out what ever ones I wanted!!! (smart man, since he knew that he would not be doing to many load since I came into the picture) 

Nic & Cole


  1. Cute clothes, cute husband, great washer!

  2. seriously, does your week get any better. You covered it all, cute clothes, a new appliance, and PARTY time! woo-hoo! love you golden girl!

  3. Just to let you know you are a very slow blogger, I check like everyday to see a new blog, and I am unsually disappointed! :) on another note, I am glad you had a great birthday week and that you picked out a great washer and dryer, that is always fun!

  4. Noelle...that is a symptom of needing to write your own blog...HINT HINT
    Blogs are the best way to stay caught up on the normal and mundane.
    I like your hair Cole. I like your party Cole. I liked the picture of your hubby in the Eskimo hat...It should have been on this post! I can't comment on your washer...I have envy!