Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 76 of Project 365

March 17~

 Happy St. Patty Day....honestly I know it as happy wear green day! My little nephew is terrified of leprechauns and puts a towel under his door so no Mini Leprechauns can get in today! (that is a smart kid...because if you really stop and think about it they are creep old men with beards. ) 

Random things Thursday: Brought to you by me and a handful of people.

1. Students "borrowing" a stack of napkins from the Lunch Room every day through out the year and stock piling them in his locker, so that when he has to volunteer to bring something to a class party or event he asks to bring napkins. He got busted and had to return them to the lunch room.

2.  A second grader who had got in trouble and sent to the office in the sweetest way and most sincere voice said "Teacher i know how to stop me from talk in class, I am going to ask my mom to put Duct Tape on my mouth so that I can stop talking, it WILL work." 

3. I got car sick for the first time in my entire life, while simply driving home the other day I had to hang my head out the window for fresh air like a dog. 

4. had a group of teens come up to my house on Sunday to help me bake some goodies for school the next day....the ate 2 entire pizza's , 2 bags of chips , 3 bottles of soda and an entire plate of rice crispy treats....Later that evening Tom asked for some sierra mist (extra side note- that is his favorite thing in the world to drink) and I informed him it was all gone. he was in shock that all the food we bought was gone. WELCOME TO HAVING KIDS! 

5. A little preschooler (and their entire class ) asked me how old i was.... I informed them that I just turned 26. Their eyes got really big and said "wowww, thats old" "I am only 4!" then the entire class started to tell me their age....At that moment I realized that i could be their mom....that in fact I could have a second grader at this point. Scary~

6. I think I used the words..." I will wash your mouth out with soap if you continue to speak to me like that!!!"  I am turning in to my mother! 

7. I am taking my wonderful husband to Disneyland in October and I wish it was TODAY! he has never been there before and I love love love Disney land and can not wait to take him there!!! makes me smile just thinking about it. And I will ride EVERY ride and take pictures by the thousands...

Digging out my house
They have officially started my house!! They are laying the corner stones today!!
Roller Skating pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Little Ollie at his first Basketball game! He loved it. He sat there and watched almost all of it just like that.
 *We went rollerskating with my dearest friend Kelly for her birthday- My roots came back to me from my prior ice skating day!!

** We got the privileged of going to the last home blazer game with Some of Toms bosses. We were in a suite and it was AWESOME!!!

Nic & Cole


  1. So if you think about it #1 is actually pretty smart (it wasn't my kid was it?!) And #3 hilarious! I can just see you with your head out the window (I have made myself sick plenty of times while I drive. Not cool!)

  2. I figured for sure that #1 would be one of my boys, and I know for a fact that my kids were involved with #4, and oh baby, can they eat! Fun recap. Ollie looks like I feel after this week! :)