Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 80 of Project 365

A few things Friday-

I am 100% competitive and I compete with myself ALWAYS. But I am 100% not a thrill, adrenaline seeker. I would completely be content never doing anything dangerous. you know, Keeping both my feet on the ground, no harnesses, no safety packs , no emergency training...and yet I keep doing these things that I would never imagine myself doing. And my one question is "Why in the world do I KEEP doing these things?"  Sadly I have no answer for you ....
2008 My second trip to New Zealand

This is sadly not my first time buggy jumping....but in fact my 3rd!!!! I may look cool, calm and collected...but please do not be fooled. Now Amanda on the other hand was openly terrified I believe that these words came out when they were strapping her harness on ..."I think I might pee my pants if you continue to strap this to me" and the good ole kiwi's just laughed :)

This is my first time Sky diving. We were supposed to do it in Queenstown (in the South Island) but the wind was to strong and they said we may break our ankles when we land. So we ended up being super disappointed and flew back up to the North Island and when we landed we saw a sign for the same company to sky dive with and 10 min later here we are. 
Again I was all laughs and BIG TALK and joking around. Then as they walked us to this little plane that should fit 3 people and some how we crammed in 8 people my anxiety kicked in FINALLY...where was that voice saying Nicole do not do will not like it, before I got suited up and paid? And as we flew high and higher I think I might have forgot to breath a couple times. my instructor a big 7 foot tall French Canadian man in a heavy accent reminded me that he has never lost a client (now when I say lost a client I mean you are held on by these little metal clips at your shoulders and then one at the waist! And he is carrying the parachute. so if you come separated you are truly in all the sense Free Falling!!!) 
As he crawled to the edge of the plane and stood on the leg with me dangling out of the plane not touching anything , exposed to the open sky and VERY hard ground below, I am pretty sure I said something like this "I actually do not want to do this anymore. Can we please go back inside the plane and talk about it" But all my effort of asking nicely was lost to the wind and noise of an airplane. HE JUMPED. And after my initial shock, fear, and utter terror went away it was the COOLEST thing I have ever done. 

Then there was Boon Netting! That is where the have a big net on the side of the boat and you jump in and the boat goes as fast as it can and you HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE! you are bouncing and skimming off the ocean and you are holding on to the net BUT also to your swimming suit seeing as they come right off (and yes I am speaking from experience, however praise the lord it was not me but an old man that lost his pants...still not a great thing) The FIRST time I did it, we were in wet suits because the nice Warm South Pacific was like Ice and I got sucked to the back of the net where people began to pile on top of me and I could not breath. SECOND attempt a year later i was smart and was at the front of the net! 
Jump ahead a few years:

Cabo 2010
I have also been parasailing 2 times, and that is not so terrifying after you do everything else.

Then there was our snorkeling adventure that I thought i was seriously going to die. First in my past experience you walk into the ocean and its calm and peaceful and you can stand on the floor of the ocean (and best yet you can see if the sharks are going to come eat you)
 Here they make you jump out of the boat, who knows how deep the ocean is, I can not stand up, and worse yet i can not see if there are sharks swarming me. Waves crashing over my head and my snorkel mask...salt water in my mouth and eyes.....all around very scary stuff for me, I think we maybe looked at 5 fish and one touched me I screamed and almost yelled shark...then my swimming partner (Tom) who would have loved to stay in longer got out with me and we sat and warmed up in fact in 103 degree weather you dry in just a couple minutes. 
And I know you might be thinking...wimp but they did make everyone get out because the ocean was angry. 

Pre Boat Trip....
 Nice and tan! 

After Boat 6 hour boat trip....

Yes I am red and look like a lobster...
we had something we call heat exhaustion and decided we needed to cool down we went to amazingly cold and overly air conditioned movie theater to relax.  IT was perfect. 

I am sure I will do plenty of more scary, terrifying things, again I am not sure why I will but I know me....and I will. Thinking about these things I feel the blood starting to pump a little faster and my heart beat begin to race and my hands turn sweaty...ohhhh the adrenaline rush. I think I am addicted !!! 

Tomorrow Tom and I are competing in something called "Capture the CruzeCruze!. It is a spin off the Hit Reality TV Show "The Amazing Race" *side note.I have wanted to race in the The Amazing Race my entire life...and I will one day. So this is a dream come true for me to practice. and i am not sure that there will be anything crazy we will have to do but just the thought gets me excited and pumped. I am not sure if Tom knows what he is getting himself into with competing with me.  I may have said this last night...."Sugar, I play to win. I play big then i go home , and I will be going home with a new car, if you don't think we can win , then tell me now or get a better attitude. " 
Oh boy...did I really say that?!

I am sorry in advance for whatever I say on Saturday please know that what I say it only out of love and competition for winning, never directed towards you personal. I would never ever want to race or compete with anyone but you. Thank you for loving me even when i am crazy competitive I know I have a problem.
I love you and we can talk about it later! After we win.I drive home in a new car.
Love ,
Your wife.

Nic & Cole



  1. You are way more brave than me! No thanks to every thing you've done. However my husband would love to do them all. Can't wait to see your new car (cross fingers!)

  2. ha ha, loved your line to Tom the night before!! Go team Britt!
    Can't believe you've done all that fun stuff... some I'd like to try... some, not so much!!