Monday, March 14, 2011

Project 365.......

So I started off the year with a great Idea (I saw from my friend) about doing a picture a day and  calling it Project 365....hence one a day for a year~ Well its like a news years resolution...Here I am 3 months into it and I have not posted a picture everyday in fact I am missing quite a few. I can not even tell you what day out of 365 I am on...I could simply count how many days we have had and  lie...which I might still do, but I thought I should at least confess first.

We ended up having a road trip last weekend to Ontario Oregon, the home town of my THomas. We left Thursday night at 4pm...after hitting rush hour on I5 then 205 then I84 we finally got on the open road. We stopped for a romantic dinner at Taco bell in the Dalles, then gas station fill up and desert in Penelton at the Shell station! We hit the pass around 11pm and had just missed a semi hitting ice getting flipped around to face on coming traffic then flip upside down in the small ditch....needless to say it was an icy trip and we went about 15 miles an hour for over an hour. THEN the fog set in, along with a time change just outside of Lime Oregon to go from Pacific Time to Mountain Time , to make it 1:30am to finally arrive in Ontario.
We had such a great and relaxing time with his parents and got to see the Grandmas. Its always nice to get away and just do NOTHING.

This is Grandpa Richard Nelson 
I never got the privileged to meet either of Tom's grandpas they both passed away when Tom was 9 and 10 years old. But I think that he looks a lot like his grandpa Nelson. And I hear he has a lot of the same personality traits and the drive to get things done, like him! 

Nic & Cole

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