Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 78 of Project 365

Day 78~

Weekend Cap 

Friday, we went to our wonderful friend Dave and Kelly's to celebrate Dave's Birthday. We played sword fighting on the wii with little Hayden, and let me tell you I STILL hurt. my arm is sore my back is sore. But let me tell you I may have beat Hayden 1 time. AND IT WAS WORTH THE VICTORY, YA baby!!!
Then we had dinner courtesy of kiwigirlcooking the most Amazing fish tacos! Then we ended up staying until 1:15am (we rocked in Dave's official 29th birthday) I guess the saying "Time flies when you are having a great time!!!" But seriously I am not as young as I used to be! It literally hurts to stay up that late and then with a nice long drive home (please be reminded that it just may be my will shoulder injury talking)

Saturday, We got a much needed sleep-in day....Skipped played the "newlywed card" for our leadership breakfast .Then Got dressed up like we were going to prom and headed to our friend Marcy Jo's 40 Birthday Murder Mystery Dinner. We almost all had a part to play, I was the Ex Wife of the millionaire that died, and my husband was the son in law of the dead millionaire. Lets just say my character was a little scandalous ...and some may even say "home wrecker" (thanks Laura Bush for continually reminding me of that through out the night, seeing as she was the current wife of our dead millionar) WE had such a great time with friends, dancing and the mystery dinner! Thanks Marcy Jo for turning 40 and celebrating BIG.

Jodi,showing off her Super excited dancing skills and she is not only beauty but brains as she figured out who the killer was!!!

my love

I have no dancing skills I just LAUGH and A LOT

Again I am laughing not dancing .......
My Baby gots moves, and again I am laughing........SEE A PATTERN ??

The original Gangstas

We had a blast....lots of laughing ,apparently my lack of dancing makes me just laugh and then the feeling of "out of place" ( I can officially rule out acting as a carer choice!) I will just stick with being a  Nashville country star ! 

I picked out some patterns that will begin my sowing career I am pretty pumped about it. I also will be re-upholstering my chair my in laws got for us. pictures to come!! 
I need some good names for my company....I need help getting the creative juices flowing!!! 

Nic & Cole

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  1. When you said "sowing" did you mean sewing? And what, pray tell, are you starting. My end of the grapevine did not get the memo:)