Thursday, February 2, 2012

What Did I Wear?!

WIWW (I mean Thursday). 

I am a day late and a dollar short......okay not really a dollar short. 
I am totally in love with the big black glasses, I know I am falling right into where everyone else is at (fashion Wise) but there is something super cute about them......SO I got them this week and LOVE THEM.

Ohhh Puppy Lovin!
Shoes- Steve Madden (Gifted)
 Jeans- Silver (Nordstrom)
 Shirt- ?? (Gifted) 
 Glasses- Sunglasses Hut

Jacket- Target
 Sweater- Old Navy (Gifted)
Button Down- H&M 
 Jeans- Silver (Nordstoms)
 Shoes- Martins

Our Hound Dog! She is a blazer fan too!! And this is as far as I can pick her up any more!

Our School did a week long Breast Cancer awareness fundraiser. We asked all the kids to wear pink all week and I am so proud of these kids, and during the week and our home varsity Basketball game we raised over one thousand dollars. We get to write a check to OHSU cancer research. 

one of the cutest kids ever! My little nephew Malachi (who will be 2 in a few weeks)
 Hello New Hair Cut, how I love you! Oh and a very sexy husband.
 The beautiful Sarah and her middle child Cooper!

 Chase Carolee Syphard and Husband

Happy Thursday, as my school finishes up our Awareness week, I remember those who have gone before me, my  family members and friends who have fought a good fight and as a second grader wrote on his shirt "WE WILL WIN" and I believe that, we will win! 

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