Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Take.

Today's outfit is just kinda bland for me, I got this new shirt, gifted from my beautiful friend CARA and LOVE it but wish i would have paired it with a few more exciting pieces so it would stand out. although i have to say that this sweater is the most comfortable thing I think i own. I fell asleep in it last night and when I woke up in the wee hours sweating to death I realized i shouldn't wear a sweater to bed. Oh boy!

Its funny how many picture husband and I take on our cell phones and then don't use, so here is a look into our little world and kind of a double take for me!
These are courtesy of Husband and his excellent picture taking skills!  

 The dog house we want to get the hound. It is pretty much like a castle for dogs!

 Our little friend Hayden. He loves popcorn like us!!!

 Hello 2 of many cute nephews I have!!!!

 My handsome buddy Malachi who just turned 2. And this dress is the same one that is in the new movie The Vow.

And a very giant we did not buy it, yes we did laugh out loud at the size of it!

Happy Thursday Dolls, thank you for stopping by today! Stay tuned for tomorrows fashion blog....Hint its a color that starts with the letter Y! ;)


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