Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On the Run.

Could my life get any busier....then the answer comes and its YES. But its been a great fun packed weekend and weeks.
WE just finished up our big Vision Conference at our Church... SUCCESS. We also (we meaning my Student Council) handed out over 700 friendship Grams this last week....Balloons, cupcakes by the dozen and hand made cards, priceless memories.
Our Weekend in a small recap.

 How Cute is she?! Great outfit my friend Kelly.

 My Amazing Student Council Team....blowing up all the balloons.

The  lunch ladies bought me these as a going away gift! They are so thoughtful and sweet.
I only got one picture of my outfit this weekend, and luckily got a garbage can in the picture as well...oh boy! This is my friend Cassi, sporting her new outfit we bought together. FUN

Riding boots- Target / Jeans- American Eagle/ Shirt- Old Navy / Scarf- Urban Outfitters

Well I am under a week until my big life transition, its a weird feeling But plenty to fill my time for now!

Happy Tuesday already, if you were like me and had yesterday off for presidents day....you probably feel like today is Monday, but in fact it is Tuesday.


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