Thursday, February 9, 2012

S is for Sheer.

The Letter S.

 The hound dog is figuring it out, "when Camera comes out, we sit for pictures and if I am really good I get a nice yummy treat, I can do this I can do this" 
The funniest part is we don't call her over or make her sit, she just does it now.

I need to apologize for my lack of blogging and for the pictures this time. Husband was gone at work and I was left up to my own "creativity" to get a picture of my SHEER top, well you actually can not even tell its sheer, BUT it is I promise. I have had that top for almost 6 years, and have not worn it much, maybe only 3 times but I do like it and enjoyed the complete outfit.
Pants & Belt- JC Pennies / Sheer top- White House Black Market/ Scarf & Sweeter- Target 

Also Did the Letter Q- Q is for Quickie. 

 I am not a "lets take pictures first thing in the morning...the ground is frozen everyone is asleep its only 7am and I am leaving kind of girl" but you do what you have to half the pictures I look very angry in and that is simply not the case I am just not fully awake yet. This is a very simple outfit for me not a lot of thinking.. throw on a skirt and boots and bam you are ready for work. *my tights are purple but you cant tell....SAD.

Boat neck shirt- Old Navy / Vest- Nordstrom/ Skirt- Ann Taylor Loft / Tights- Target / Boots- gifted (steve madden) 

I think that I have gone through enough personal change in the last 3 weeks to last me years...I have never felt more excited, scared, unsure, entering uncharted waters, emotional BUT more rewarded, fulfilled, sure that my God knows what He is doing in my life then I do when i trust Him with all my decisions. Stay tuned tomorrow for 3 Things Friday for a little sharing.

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  1. I love the bright scarf - the fringe on it is so fun.


  2. oh my god. your dog just made my day. SO cute.

  3. I love the scarf in the first outfit! And the dog is too funny :)