Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Partial What I Wore.

I only happended to catch a few outfits this week on camera, and then the transition at work has started so I dont have all my pictures anymore add those all up together and you have a disaster of What I Wore Wednesday. 
However I grabed up these pants at Fred Meyers, I am really in to color pants these days and I am going to say it I LOVE this color and style and fit, I never knew I loved Fred Meyer pants this much, what the New Zealanders say "Good on ya, Freddys" 
And basically that is my lame exscuse for my lack of outfits this week. Do you buy it?! hope so.

Please do not mind the socks in the background and the half wall for the backdrop, or the lighting, the quality of the photo, or the sleepy face from me, it was super early this morning and we had our cell phone. 

Shoes- Famous Footwear / Pants- Vanilla Star (Fred Meyer) / Shirt- Old Navy / Sweater- Target.

On a side note we have been taking Hound Dog to obedience School every Wednesday, this will be our 5th week going, for the most part she does a great job, she is well behaved and is learning, then you have weeks like this last one where she flops her self on the ground legs in the air make me pull her around the circle kind of nights.She knew what she needed to do and looked at me with her saggy eyes that said
 "Mom I am not going to obey you, I would rather try to play with the 18 other dogs that all love me (remember EVERYONE loves Hound Dog, so she thinks) and run around the arena and when I am suppose to sit and not go get the toy that Teacher throws out I am going to go for it and cause a big scene. Have fun mom, cause I am going! "

 She is the most dramatic and loveable dog I have ever known. She makes me frustrated to the point of tears when she has off nights at class where I know everyone is watching and judging me with their eyes because I am the one that is taking a long time to do the drill with the out of control hound. I asked if anyone wanted to buy her after the class, everyone thinks she is cute until they witness the phenomenon called Elliott TRYING to obey. Wish me luck as I take the hound tonight for another fun filled class,  my prayer is that she remembers what I have taught her.

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  1. Best wishes on the dog training! Having a little puppy right now makes me sympathize! :)

  2. i love the pants!! they look great on you!