Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Dog.

 One Day.

I have been debating putting this on here, because well, no one wants to read a big long story, and its pretty sad, I also feel like a big ole sap, but its my life blog and this has been a big part of our life the last 2 days so my better judgment says "YES, do share" so here we go. There is your forewarning that it will be long and I promise to keep them shorter down the road.

 Hound dog at her best!

 Gotta Throw the outfit in !
Scarf- Urban Outfitters /  Sweater & Striped shirt-Forever 21 / Pants- Gap / Shoes- Spares

 Oh Husband and Hound Love

 Our little family.

 Us at our best.

First I am going to start by saying how much I love my little family. Husband is the greatest man in the entire world, the heart that he has...leaves me speechless. Hound Dog and her excitement for us makes me laugh and love. Sure we have our days that we are out of sink and its Panamanian and our back yard is a disasters and dishes not done and dog hair is all over and my OCD kicks in but how could i not love this?! 

On Tuesday  a stray dog showed up at the school (where I work) we have had it happen many times, but this time was different, it was an older, well trained, well groomed yellow Lab, it looks like the dog had been abandoned and wondering for some time. Dog shelters, pounds, vets had been called to inform that we had found one and ask if anyone called in for a missing older lab dog. At the end of  the day no one had called in to our school looking for her, or had called the pound for a missing dog.
 Non of the teachers could take her home so I called up Husband and asked if we took her to the vet to get checked out if she cleared we could keep her or until someone claimed her (I don't want to be known as a dog stealer) Husband said yes (this is how you know he loves me beyond words) So I loaded her up , and headed to the vet, no micro-chip was in bedded in her or collar to be found. On our way there and while at the vet, she won me over her sweet temperament and love of all the students and the other teachers was obvious. So well behaved and she had a calming presence about her. We pondered names all day long, as we went into the vet she obeyed my commands and did what we needed her to do. What the vet found was devastating, the dog, who turned out to be pretty old they think maybe 10 or older had several Cancerous tumors that had been spreading over time and was in a weakened state. There was nothing we could do at this point unless we were willing to put in a lot of money for biopsy's and lab work, surgery and ex rays, all not even with a guarantee that she would be okay after or if the cancer had gotten into her lungs and other organs.
 As i walked big dog back out to the car and she got in I cried, I broke down and bawled my eyes out, because 1) who just tosses or drops off their dog because they are sick 2) I would have kept that dog forever if she was not in pain and getting worse, she was so sweet and such a lovable dog 3)  I felt so sad for the dog, who has only ever loved her masters and been used as a breeder dog and then left abandoned. 

I took her home, gave her a bath and some food she didn't want, she laid on her bed in front of our fire place and slept all afternoon and evening. Hound Dog loved her, wanted to play chase and tug of war and wrestle all day long. I had to give Hound a time out so she would leave poor big dog alone for a bit. But all night this big dog was a joy to have. As husband came home she greeted him at the door and let him love on  her and pet her all night, we spent that our first and only night together as a big family. Husband and I laughed and talked and played and cried knowing what tomorrow would bring (at this moment I felt as though i was in a movie, it was one of those perfect weird moments in life). We could not find a name that fit her, so we started to call her big dog earlier that day and it stuck. The next day husband found a great little shelter about 40 min from our house that helps older sick dogs get treatment or just be comfortable until the end, and as we let her out in the morning and she greeted us like she had known us all her life and i petted her and said goodbye tears streamed down my face, husband is the brave one in our family, the strong one, he took her up there and gave her a good home where an 8month old puppy wouldn't paw at her face to play, where she can sleep and get medicine that we cant afford. Husband and i came home later that night and a piece of our family seemed missing. Its amazing how just one day could change our little family, change our routine, change our mindset. I have never loved it more then i do now, and there will always be  place in our family and our hearts for big dog and the love she brought to us and Hound Dog, So in someone else loss of giving up a dog that was sick it  was our gain, so thank you for our one day with her. 

We have decided that her name would have been Stella. 

 What Stella did, Hound dog did, for one night Hound dog obeyed and kept herself entertained with out Husband or I having to play with her.

Thank you for stopping by and I promise tomorrow will be a much funner happier post! Less dog pictures more actual people pictures.


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