Monday, February 13, 2012

L is for....

An Early Love Day.

What an amazing weekend we had. As Student Council advisor i feel like I have the best job in the world I get to go and hang out with awesome High Schoolers while doing fun things, that is a great combo. This time we had a Valentine Semi Formal, here are a few pics of the weekend.

Shoes- Thrifted / Skirt- 80% Lauren Conrad / Shirt- Forever 21 / Belt - Nordstrom Rack

We had a really fun Photo booth, and I was in heaven because I got to take the pictures then edited them to the best of my ability (PS I cant wait until my photo class)
Also Husband and I celebrated our "engagement day" anniversary. February 12th is our day, it feels like just yesterday he got down on one knee and asked to be my Husband forever and of course with big giant alligator tears i said YES. It was like my very own movie that day, all my dreams were coming true and he is mine forever and ever.
so it was a blast to get to take super fun pictures with him on Our Day.

And i am telling you, if you need a Pick me up, or to laugh...go spend the day with teenagers, watch them live life, love, laugh, joke, be friendly, be does a soul good. Because I guarantee you will laugh until you cry, maybe even snort juice out your nose, but its like sweet music to ears.

Happy almost Love day!



  1. You're such a great adviser.
    And a cute friend.
    Love the pics!!

  2. liked the ones of you and Tom. they look retro somehow.
    Envy your photo class.
    If you want to share your knowledge my ears are open.