Friday, December 16, 2011

Patches  & Ugg's 

 1. It is the last day of school before Christmas Break....Which means a few things. (1. the kids are out of control with excitement and bouncing off the walls from SUGAR (2. I have extra energy to get EVERYTHING done because its the last day I have to wake up early for 2 weeks!
2. After "The Well" ended last night, husband and I watched Beauty And The Beast and cuddled on the couch. Where in fact I fell asleep, but that should not be a surprise to either husband or myself, because there is something intoxicating about husband, in his plain with shirt, his smell, the Christmas tree all lite up, drink tea together. . . I am out. So I did not see much of the movie but I was right where I wanted to be (no better place)
 3. I love Disney movies. I am truly a kid at heart.
 4. Today has been a Patches and Ugg's kind of day!

Sweater- Forever 21
 Stripe shirt- Target 
 Jeans- Nordstroms 
 Ugg's- FAKE version Payless
 Scarf- Forever 21

5. My hound dog is very sweet but very large. 
 6. Me and her like to dance together everyday!  

 SHE IS NOT an alien, I know her eyes are glowing THEY ALWAYS DO IT.

 *she is not biting me she is dancing, she does enjoy it for awhile.

Happy Friday for everyone! 



  1. haha so cute. I love to dance with my hound dog too (but she's considerably smaller), also her eyes do that alien thing all the time too. I like to fix it with red eye touch up sometimes :P Enjoy your break!