Thursday, December 22, 2011

A late night Christmas Date.

 We had started Sunday with church, then lunch together followed up by old episodes of "The Office"  which lead to a 30 min nap for both of us. After that we hit the ground running, I went and served a free community Dinner with My team :The Country Christian School Student Council  I then came home floors were in desperate need of attention so I  took care of that, vacuumed, swept, mopped, dusted, dishes, laundry, sheets followed (I get into the flow). Husband came home empty handed from his trip into town (attempt to buy me Christmas gifts, even though we said we were going to skip them this year)   So a new plan arose , we loaded in the car went to McDonald's....I know wife of the year here, he had his gross dinner while I had Ice cream! sat in the car in the empty parking lot and had a dinner date and then decided to head up to the mall where we spent the next 4 hours. Returning home at 11:45pm and with gifts. Amazing how I can always come back with something. It is beyond my reason to think someone could go to the mall and not get anything (probably just because I love to shop and love EVERYTHING) .  But Husband did try hard to buy me gifts that I wouldn't know about, but I am 100% okay knowing what I will be opening under the tree. He truly is the most amazing man in the world and gives me everything I could possibly want or need. 

 Oh Yes, we also went Caroling....I was nervous the entire time. I am not one for public singing when there is not loud music to drowned out my voice. 

My Beautiful baby sister Noelle (who is in fact taller then me, and she is bending down so that she is not "that much taller" ) 
My amazing Cousin Ashley in the back, Skyping with our Aunt in DC.

Merry Almost Christmas From the Brittingham House! 

Love , Nicole

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