Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Color Brigade!

No Rules.

I am slowly learning that when it comes to my clothing and outfit combos I can have freedoms, I can have "no rules" its a fun change of pace then the normal rules...no brown and blacks, always have one matching piece....but my questions is "who says?!" Who's rules are those?

 Today I wore, Brown, Yellow and White. Layered up and still felt stylish. 

 vest- American Eagle 
 Gap sweater- Thrifted
 Yellow Tank- Forever 21
 Vigos Jeans- Nordstrom 
 Pumps- Target

I am linked up with the awesome Cute and Little Blog!   Go on, Check it out you know you want to!!! :) If you go to her website you can LIKE my picture, and I could be featured next week!

Happy mixing and matching!


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