Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi Office.

Hi Office.

As I sat in my warm and toasty office today, while the Christmas music plays and lights twinkle, sipping on my new found love....TEA I hear a small voice walk by 

 1st grade boy: Hi OFFICE. As he smiles and waves

 He keeps on walking, he doesn't know my name but sees everyone else saying hi to me in the office, so his attempt to be nice like the other kids was calling me "office". I mean if you think about it the kids hear their teachers say "take this to the office" "go tell the office you are sick" "Go sit in the office and wait" 
 Of course he is going to think my name is OFFICE.

These kids make me smile. 

Its bright in Oregon and I don't have sunglasses....Normal.

I love that I am squinting . Classic.

A little Sparkle- Target
 Button Down- A & E
 Pop of color- Forever 21
 Black dress pants - Gap 
 Boots - Aloy.com

Happy Tuesday, Even happier Wednesday , for me it means HAIR DAY! Yippee!  Only 12 day until I get to open and use my NEW camera!!!!!!!! Double Yippee.



  1. I love these boots! What a cute little story. Such simply things that can make us smile :)

  2. I love your outfit! So cute and different. Yahoo for a new camera!!