Monday, December 5, 2011

3 Books Down!

The Kindle.

So my wonderful friend Jodi lent me her kindle about 2 weeks ago to take on our little Thanksgiving trip and read "The Hunger Games" Series, three books in total. Not knowing really anything about it other then "ITS SO GOOD" heard from all, I dove in, you know me I don't just read it slow and enjoy it I HAVE to know whats going to happen and read it fast so I have nothing lingering in my head.I am all in kinda girl. In fact this is what happened for the last two weeks:

Last night I finished the last book. And they were right "ITS SO GOOD" the series is awesome, I was sucked in for every free minute I had, for my lunch breaks, a few pages before bed that turned into an hour read or 1am some how, while the husband was watching a movie I was reading. I normally do not like full action kind of book but she has a way of writing to suck you in, in fact I had a few really weird dreams based on the book and started to say things like "well the "District" and lottery the mockingjay...." , that's how I know I obsess about things Now I don't know what to do with myself , first thing is return the borrowed Kindle to its owner so that I can go on to a normal life and getting one for my own is probably a bad idea. BUT the movie "The Hunger Games" will be coming out on March 23rd 2012 and I can not wait! 

 Monday- Work Day.

Pants- Target
 Black Sweater- Urban Outfitters
 Scarf- Sarie June
(check out her stuff, pretty amazing and great gift ideas) 
Gold Accessories - Nordstroms 
Flats- JC Penny's

Friday night- High School basketball game

And just for a little extra sweetness, this cute little man, Hayden! We ate banana suckers together!

Happy Monday, and go forth and read The Hunger Games  !!



  1. Glad you liked them, and the kindle. I vote you get one too :)

  2. Hey sister.... you have a kindle app on your Ipad... so therefore you have a kindle. you could have the nook also on that lovely tablet. :) Also I'm loving the clothes.