Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After.

It comes in like a whirlwind and leaves even faster. Just 48 hours of Christmas Time (I like to include Christmas ever, its sad to leave it out) By far it was the best one yet, I love being married to Husband, and getting to spend everyday life with him especially this time of year. I love starting traditions that will be in our family forever, and remembering (not just today , but especially today) Why He came into the world, and knowing it was because He loves us more then we will ever know, it was by Grace. What a wonderful Birthday of Jesus Christ we get to celebrate.

 Our Brittingham Christmas included a few of these things:

The Sister (Noelle) and her husband Isaac.

1st Annual Cousins Christmas Eve Football Game. 

Lets just say we are all getting older and woke up Christmas Morning SORE!

Husband and I on our 3rd Christmas eve together.

 The Lehman, Axmaker, Brittingahm and McKinley Family Christmas Eve.
Family Picture, Usually takes around seven attempts to get one good picture, but so much fun.

Brother Jeff, Mamma, Dad, Me, Husband, Sister Noelle, Brother in law Isaac.

Husband getting one of his favorite gifts! Our Outside Fire Pit.

We gather at My Mammas house and do it up right!

 Shirt- H&M
Hunter Boots- Ebay

Followed up by spending the evening together watching movies, playing with our new things and drinking tea together. Couldn't be more perfect. Its everything I ever wanted when I dreamed about spending my holidays with my husband!

Merry Christmas From Our house to yours! And until next year, may it be the best year yet.

I cant wait to start wearing some of my new cloths I got and I am happy to say ... I am typing this from my new laptop from husband (he surprised me with it) and my pictures (almost all ) come from my AMAZING new camera (from my loving Gramps)
We are blessed beyond words and love our family.

Happy Day after.


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