Wednesday, March 21, 2012


What I Wore Wednesday.
my  eclectic all over the map wardrobe

Sweater, Shoes- Target / Jeans- Silvers / Shirt- Old Navy


Jeans- Vigoss Studio / Striped Shirt and Blazer- H&M / Vest- Urban Outfitters / Scarf-  Thrifted / Broach- Made by my mom :)

If you ever wanted to see the Oregon Coast, here it is!!! Very windy, very rainy, very cold. WE only live 2 hours from the coast so it is nice to just drive over for the day!


Boots- Steve Madden / Jeans- American Eagle / Belt-Thrifted / Shirt- Fred Meyers


Shoes- Thrifted / Tights- Target / Skirt - Forever 21 / Shirt- H&M

Its been raining and snowing here....all day all week with no sun....I am ready for summer but its still months away for us here.  But to get into the summer mode I have RIT Dyed my white pants to lemon dye job yet and I CAN NOT WAIT TO WEAR THEM, (pictures to come tomorrow) I might just break them out even though the sun is not out. maybe the bright will scare away the clouds full of rain. ...a girl can hope.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, I am took my friends to the airport at 3:30AM today (by the time you read this I will have been up for 4 hours and been to the airport and back did my yoga watched a movie. Man you can get so much done if you get up at that ungodly hour. Let me tell you i was not made to get up this early...I already love naps but today it may just be necessary .



  1. Love all your outfits, SO CUTE! That bottom outfit is my fave, that mustard skirt with blue shirt is SO cute! I WANT IT!

  2. I love all the outfits. Very cute. Your doggy is pretty cute too!