Thursday, March 22, 2012

Purple Boots

Snow day...again.

If you are not sure what the date it is...well its March 22nd. We live a place where we may not see snow on the ground for may snow one day and that beautiful white peaceful snow turns into dirty slush and then flooding. We get rain almost everyday during spring, its pretty dreadful, I guess the benefit of rain all the time is a lot of GREEN. But this is the third week in a row we have either woken up to snow ON THE GROUND, or went to lock up for bed and saw a snow storm taking place. Please mark it on the record that our little town woke up to 3 or 4 inches of snow today!! So as much as I am ready for Sunshine and warm weather I have LOVED the snow, I guess its the little girl in me that never grew up with snow and now am living out the childhood.

Hound Dog thinks its pretty great, she loves to eat it and put her big nose down in it and try to track something. Here is our wonderful "snow day" adventure.

Hello my wonderful, beautiful rain/snow boots...I am so glad I have you!
 She can almost fly with those ears.

she couldn't pick up a track with all this snow.

We are loving our winter I mean Spring wonderland and freak winter storm. My only request is that maybe the snow come at or around Christmas time next year?!

But its been a "great no rain day but stay inside its to cold and I shouldn't be allowed to drive in the snow, i am a horrible driver day" for us, which has included Tea, movies, cleaning, editing photo's I may have just gotten caught up!

Have a great Thursday. Tomorrow is Fashion Friday....lets hope I can get up and put on an actual outfit and not just my yoga outfit that I don't take off all day after I did yoga...But I do have reasons to get dressed....HUNGER GAMES movie date with a bunch of amazing ladies tomorrow night!!!!


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