Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ready for our big night.

Doggy School.

Hound dog and I have been in Doggy school for 9 weeks now, and we have learned a Ton and have grown a ton, but all was put to the test as we embarked on graduation night. Where all lessons learned are called back to remembrance and expected to be completed. Now Hound Dog was on a week to week basis for obeying and doing a "satisfactory job" in class. I was super nervous to have her fly solo tonight for all to see her skills or disobedience run and play game she loves to do. Husband came along with a friend and their daughter and of course Auntie Sarah and Max Doodle and Doug (who have taken the class with us) As we warmed up I could feel Hound Dog and her "puppyness" rearing up, for exsample (but not limited to) Trying to bit through my sweater to get her treats on the inside, trying to wrestle the other dogs and play, jumping up to get the treat out of my hand, whinning uncontroable becuase I wont let her go sniff and lick all the on lookers.
 One by one the dogs performed multiple tasks at the command of Teacher Jennifer, Soon it was Hound Dogs turn.

 Shoes, Target / Jeans- Big Star / Sweater- was my sisters! Ambercrombi / Tank- Aeropostal
 Hound Dog refusing to obey and SIT ....so she posed backwards.....oh boy what a night we were about to have.

Auntie Sarah and Max Doodle

As Hound Dog and I began our turn around the floor doing various commands slowly the butterflies got stronger in me, because next she had to Heel and obey off lead , (where she does the commands with no leash and is expected to stay by me and obey) Easier said then done when you have a HOUND dog and that of almost 90 pounds, and as stubborn as her Dad. .
But to husband and my suprise, She did it!!! She had a few mess ups and slow sits but all in all she did great, I was so proud of her. We graduated class with a 89% and MOST IMPROVED doggy!!!! Max Doodle got second in our class with a big 97 1/2 % and he is number 1 in our book!!! What a fun 9 weeks we had together the dogs and us, I will almost, I said ALMOST miss it!

And because of the amazing technology world we live in you can click on this link and watch it almost Live!!!

Elliott's Graduation

Have a great Tuesday, I actually have outfits to blog this week which is a plus, so I will be seeing you soon!!


p.s for all my followers out there I have 2 more photo shoots on the books and still no name...i am open for ideas and suggestions. Who knows what this will lead or turn into but for now I am loving it!

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  1. Yay so proud of your doggy! I had a dog growing up that had to go through two trainings haha. Your blog look fantastic btw!!!