Thursday, March 8, 2012

Casual Day

Hound Dog.

Elliott is almost 9 months old (next week to be exact, husband had to just tell me that) she weighs in at a little over 80 pounds. She has been doing Dog obedience school for almost 8 weeks now, and next week is graduation week where I will be one proud little mamma as my Hound Dog will pass this course and be ready for life....wait no, that's real life graduation, my hound dog will be ready to learn more. she is in a perpetual state of learning now until (who knows when) but I sure hope its soon. She is one strong willed animal that takes all my strength to control her when she gets excited. but then there are days like today that she follows me around, we go on a walk, she protects our house and me if she hears anything, that just makes my little heart happy. She is the best dog, Husband picked out a movie for us to watch on Tuesday night I said I think I am in a serious mood movie tonight, he comes out and puts it in and its "Where the Red Ferns Grow"and if did not get the privdglege of reading it in high school and have not watched it, its about Red Hound dogs...I bawled my eyes out and asked if our 80 pound dog could cuddle on the couch becausei just wanted her to be close. . . . ya I am sucker, a lover, a softy and i do love that smelly hound dog so much.
I will not make that mistake again, no more hound movies.

Shoes- Dexter's (nordstomrs) / Jeans- Big Star (Buckle-thrifted) / Sweater- Target/ Scarf- Gap/ Glasses- Sunglasses Hut.

Today I felt like a nerdy photographer and LOVED IT. Very Casual but when you are only entertaining a 2 year old and hound dog, not a whole lot of "style " is required.

Today I had my kinda nephew Malachi over he just turned 2 last month we hung out, and took some of his 2 year old pictures! We had a few melt downs and a few happy spots but all in all the pictures went well. We then watched Buzz light year or if you want the actual name  "toy story" we ate popcorn (he ate all of it, such a popcorn hog) we went on 2 walks we danced together we laughed we played cards, he won every game. And as much fun as that was my sweet big little hound dog felt very lonely because she had to share me, although she did get to go on two walks and take a nap with us later and was played with all day, she is such an only child because it was not fun for her to see me playing with someone else. Oh my silly dog.
Since Malachi has left she has not left my side as you can tell in the pictures , she is glued on my hip for the rest of the night! 

Here is a few pictures from his photo shot today:

 Pretty hard getting your picture taken and all you want to do is go in and watch Buzz lightyear.

Love this kid.

This is who he is, a spitfire, with a big heart and funny, just a big little kid!

Check out tomorrow for Fashion Friday.


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