Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Silver's Week.

What I Wednesday.

Spring feels like it is right around the corner because the sun is out but don't be deceived like me its only 40 degrees out side and it snowed yesterday...which that in itself is weird seeing as we have only had 3 snow days this year and the one yesterday melted in point 5 minutes. I am not going to lie I can not wait for summer. I just love the warm sun and long days, and summer dresses and colors!!!!

This weeks outfits are a little bore due to the fact that I spent half the week in a basketball gym. And it turns out that I almost wore Silver Jeans all week! I have increased my my collection on this trip I am up to 4 pairs now, and I have to say...they are my favorite!

 Hat- Target / True Blue Shirt- CCS

Jeans- Silver (Nordstroms) Shirt- hand made by yours truly

 Jeans- Silver (Nordstroms)/ Shirt- Forever 21 / Necklace- Made by my friend Alicia. Bracelet- Made by friend Cara. Socks- Urban Outfitters

 Jeans- Silver (Maurice's) Belt, Shirt, Scarf- Target / Blazer- H&M

Shoes- Steve Madden / Jeans- Silvers / Shirt- Lauren Conrad/ Belt - Target

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Happy Wednesdays! I will be doing a photo shoot for a 2 year old tomorrow....wish me luck they don't sit still!!!!



  1. That floral top is gorgeous!

  2. so this is how much i don't know about fashion. When you said silver jeans I actually thought you meant silver colored jeans! That's how not cool i am an I'm ok with it:)

  3. just read this and saw the bracelet...I almost feel famous.
    You should come craft with me. let me know some night your hubby is out of town