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My sister sent me a text yesterday informing me that I have not posted in "awhile" and that I was slacking on the job!! Which in fact I am plain and simple . But most all of you know and can relate that life happens and sometimes it feels like you blink your eyes and its been 2 weeks.

So here is a little catch up and pictures:

  •  The last 3 weeks- Training the new office Secretary  (who happens to be a close Friend of fine) so its was fun but crazy.
  • My big 27 birthday bash- jam packed about 30 people in our house . Had a wonderful celebration and my little love tank is all full. It was a dessert party, and I am proud to say I made all the yummy food and my own cake with fondant.
  • last Tuesday was officially my last day in the office,it was a bitter sweet day filled with tears and gifts. Husband and a really good Friend of mine who teaches 6th grade put together a great last day. Each class had one of my favorite items and a card they all made and came to deliver it to me in the office, and every time that happened i cried. and after 12 different classes doing that lets just say I shouldnt have wore mascara. Then husband showed up with beautiful burnt orange flowers and as he hugged me, ever ounce of dignity and self control i stored up that day disappeared , I was a bawling mess.
  • Then on Wednesday we left for Baker City Oregon, where the 1A Basketball State Championship is held. The "elite 8"  boys and girls from all over Oregon go to compete for the state title. We drove the 7 hour trip, watched about 15 basketball games in a matter of 3 days, went shopping, ate way to much, cried yet again when my brothers team took 5th in State. **The farthest our School has ever made (in boys basketball) and watched him play his heart out in his final high school game, where they lost by 2 points.....spent 4 days with awesome friends and TRUE BLUE Believer cougar fans, got to watch amazing and talented kids play ball and had a mini vacation. All in all a great time away.

 The Lehman family. My mamma and dad, Jeff (talls) me and the Husband, my sister Noels and he husband Isaac.
 Some of my favorite teenagers! Man I love these kids
 Our 1st Grade Class.
 Some of Seniors.

 one balloon from each of my friends (that are on staff)
Shirt- Thrifted- Ann Taylor
Sweater- Target
Pants- Gap

 My gifts from the kids.

OSAA 1A State Championship.

 My brother at Tip off! GO 24

 He is so cute, I would like to say he gets his height from me, and would beat me up if he heard me call him cute ;)
 Some tough defense by my brother 24 and Zach 21

Dawson who was named Player of the Year!!! love this kid.

 There is nothing like watching you baby brother (sister) play a sport that they love, watching their passion and drive. I sure am going to miss it when he graduates this year.

Tomorrow I will be up and ready for What I Wore Wednesday (be prepared to see a lot of Blue and Yellow, since that is all I wore all week/weekend). And now that I don't have to get dressed up everyday I am finding it hard to put on real cute cloths . But have no fear I am in jeans and a shirt not my PJ's.

Thanks for your patience with me as I have been off the grid so long. See everyone tomorrow. I will also be posting a few pictures of the photo shoots I have done recently and some DIY projects I am doing in my house.!!


Sneak Peak:
Chase Carolee Evelyn Syphard 5 years old.

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