Thursday, January 26, 2012

White in January

I is for Inspired by.

I get my inspiration from a lot of amazing bloggers who are rocking the fashion scene  and also from this lady Her name is Amanda and her blog is color me blue fashion. 

I did feel a little out of place wearing white in January but I just went for it!

My outfit details:
Shirt, Belt, shoes - Target / Jeans- American Eagle / Blazer- H&M / Scarf- SarieJune

And I have to throw in the cutest picture of my hound dog and her first experience of snow.

We don't get snow often and this was the amount we got and nothing stuck, but she was not having it...too cold and wet to play with me, she finished this game with running inside !

Happy Thursday my friends, Tomorrow is letter J! I have a feeling getting dressed tomorrow will be hard for me. Also I am changing up the is time, oh Monday I can not wait! I think I want something completely different.

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  1. Yay I love seeing other gals wear white pants in January :) Looks so cute with the tennies!

  2. I love white pants in the winter. Great 'Inspired by' photo.