Saturday, January 7, 2012

Thrifty Finds- 12 New Pieces

Saturday Adventure.

One of my bestest friends came over while Husband was off playing with his Friends in the snow for the weekend. She spent the night we had late night dinner and ice cream, movies (maybe 2 of them) slept in, Starbucks, Adel music, shopping, lunch at the beautiful Portland City Grill, more ice cream, whole foods stop, girl talk!!  What a great fun Saturday.

I ended up selling my cloths at a consignment store the first one I sold over $110.00 (retail) and of course traded for new ones, ended up only spending $40.00 out of pocket. Second store I traded in $90.00 and traded for new cloths, FREE!!!! If only you got the same amount they will sell your cloths for, but I guess 45%(ish) is good.

The list includes:
1 pair of Rock Star Jeans (from Buckle)
1 Black dress trench coat
1 pair of black wedges
1 Sweater (that the  most amazing blogger Sydney from The Daybook owns)
2 Skirts
2 dresses
4 tops!!!
AND TONS of new outfit combos!!

After Shopping we hit the road to downtown Portland to go to The Portland City Grill for happy hour good eats. We drive there no sweat, park right in front (awesome), get in the elevator, hit floor 30, head up..elevator stops at floor 25 and does not open but just stays there. I began to panic, take a few deep breaths, other 2 woman in elevator began to talk and I see a bit of fear, then I lost it and suggested we hit Emergency button, we try hitting open button, try hitting 30 again, hit 26 for the next level NOTHING,  we all just get confused why we are frozen in the air, no way out, held up by a wire, FEAR griped me as I reached for the emergency button, Lade number 2 says "ohh ya City Grill doesn't open until 4pm and its only 3:55pm they wont let the elevators up until 4pm on the dot. We have to go back down or we will just sit here, well I needed to go down I was not a fan of being stuck in there any longer, I hit floor 1, that 120 seconds of my life felt like 9 hours. We got out on ground level and a line was formed in front of elevators, about 50 people waiting....apparently we are the only ones to not know that you cant get up to that floor until 4pm. We Laughed really hard!!

 Hello Beautiful Vanessa and Portland !!!!

Nice Reflection of people and lights in the background.
But hard to pass up taking pictures at the top of the US Bank Tower Down Town.

 My amazing Virgin Mango Mojito

 MY FINDS!!!!!

I love to be able  to trade in my older stuff that just sits or actually hangs in my closet for new fresh fun pieces.

I love Great Friends, fun fashion, and free cloths! ! !


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  1. Loved all of your scores and your adventure... great pic of the two of you. (New camera pics are awesome)