Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thats a first


My awkward foot pose "I umm don't know how to stand" pose.
 Sweater- Old Navy / Button Down- H&M / Pants- Macy / Boots- Fred Meyer/ Necklace- Forever 21

 Not a lot to report today, I might be out of words, that is a first!!  I fell almost boring. I failed to do What I Wore post yesterday, I was so tired I couldn't wake up to do it after work. Me and the Hound dog took a nice long nap and I am almost ashamed to report there was a lot of snoring (from both the Hound and myself) 

Today is one of our favorite peoples Birthday! He turns 70, he is an amazing man of Faith, Faithful, Passionate about all things in his life, salvages amazing pieces from Garage and Estate sales, would give the shirt off his back for any person, a belly laugh-er at all things, polite, selfless and I could go on and on. 
Happy Birthday Pastor Marvin, we are better people because of you!

  Husband and Pastor Marvin. 01/05/2012


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  1. I didn't scroll down and see the pic first...and it took me a bit to figure out who you could be talking about. Made myself laugh...then told myself to go to bed