Thursday, January 12, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

A&A .

This Weeks Awkward and Awesome is Disneyland edition. I realized I didn't really post any pictures and well I am slacking on my outfit pictures yesterday and today, so this kills two birds with one stone! ! 

 A Beautiful Malibu California Wedding.

 We meet Micky Mouse!!
 Hello California Adventure.
 Me and of my favorite Rides.
 We made a TON of memories.
 How could you not love this man?! He still makes my heart beat fast.

 A little Blurry (before the new camera) But what girl does not love Castles!

 DAY 2 RAIN DAY....apparently we did not get the message that one day it will be 85 degrees next day 50 and rainy....

Day 3 RAIN. My poncho never left my side.

 This is how empty it was while it poured rain...we stuck it out for as long as we could or until we were too wet and at that point didn't need to wear a poncho because you were the rain at that point. unfortunately the latter is what made us go home and rest (love nap time)

Came back Day 3 after nap, cloudy but sunny!!! 

Tower of Terror.....or as I like to call it "What will Kill Nicole"  HATE IT SO MUCH. But husband loves the ride and so we rode it 3 times.....I screamed like a child all 3 times and yelled in the middle "IS IT DONE YET???!!!"
 I am 4th person on the back wall.......SCARED to death, eyes closed (entire ride) screaming, holding on for my life to the point my knuckles turned white, (I think I might have peed my pants a little bit)
The things we do for LOVE.

This is not the best picture, but it was the last night, it stopped raining, dark (semi warm night) 
Husband and I walked hand in hand with hot chocolate (in other hands) through the pathways, looking and watching and taking it all in. Just the two of us, being young, in love and having a blast. As we walked towards the exit I cried a little because Vacations are so special, the memories the quality time nothing is like it. so this is our last picture before they practically kicked us out because we wouldn't leave we left.


 -The Rain. The Rain coming down sideways and wind blowing it straight to your hiny and other places you shouldn't have big wet spots.....good thing everyone else around me looked like they were having too much fun in Disneyland and didn't want to take the time to go the bathroom too.
- Ponchos....they stick to you in funny places like a wetsuit, and cause static reaction with your hair. Never wear one on a date. . wont go over so well
-Paying $36.00 (wow, consumers will pay anything if they need it) for 2 MUCH needed Ponchos.....I mean it people, it was no little rain or mist it was full swing, flooding the park kind of rain.
- Only Craving Churro's....Have you ever had one from Disney Land??!!! Skipping lunch to get a Churro was a normal thing the entire week and of course having them for dessert and lets face it Breakfast too!
-Riding "water rides" while its raining....think about it. You are wearing a poncho to keep the water off you, then you on purpose sit in a log that is floating in water, has water in the log,  ride around with water splashing on you and the wind/ rain soaking you even more, they you go down a 50 foot drop into a bigger water splash...are you suppose to enjoy it or hid from it with your poncho?! And why are you riding it ....that's right because its FREAKING awesome! We were the nut jobs who 1st rode it while wearing ponchos, 2nd continued to ride it because no one else was in line (4 times in a row people) and we LOVED IT!


-Disneyland! (enough said)
- Taking the love of your life to Disneyland and being big kids for a week, no responsibilities, no worries just FUN! 
 - Going in the "off season" and not having to wait longer then 30 min for a ride. 
 -Rain in Disneyland clears the park out. . I mean it goes into a ghost like town in a matter of 30 minutes, and if you are from the Northwest, rain is your middle name, you power through. Causing lines to only be 3-5 min (and that is the time it takes you to walk around all the ropes set out and actually get on the ride)
- California Adventure's new World of Color water show........Amazingly Awesome.
- Starbucks across the street from our Hotel.
-Malibu Weddings, were you get to eat the most DE-lish food EVER, breath taking views, watching your friend get married, paparazzi over head in helicopters (truly a weird thing, I guess there was a celebrity wedding the next hill over) Dancing to Thriller, dancing the night away under the stars on a hill in a vineyard in Malibu! 
-Because of the rain I did get to change and wear all the outfit I packed for the trip (that has never happened for a few reasons, 1. being that I over pack 2. I never have reason to change and be that person that has a new outfit for every meal. But when you are soaked you get to be that girl!!!) And FINALLY my over packing  paid off!

Thank you for listening to my long and could have been longer list of our awesome (not so awkward) time in Disneyland. 

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  1. I read the whole thing! :) What a fun trip. Enjoyed all of the pictures and your stories. So much fun being a kid again...and how fun that you actually had little wait time and had fun even in the rain!!

  2. Love those white jeans with the gray shirt, SO SO CUTE! Looks like you had a blast! :)