Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awesome & Awkward ( D is for....)

Awesome & Awkward.
D is for Dressed on A Dollar.

Blazer- Thrifted (Gap) 4.99
Button Down- Gifted  Free
 Belt- Came with another outfit
Skirt- Thrifted (The Loft) 6.99
Purple Tights - Target 3.99
Shoes- Target (on sale) 7.99
Necklace- Forever 21 9.99

Total outfit - 33.95 (And its sad to me that my necklace is the most expensive piece of this outfit! :) )


-Most of these poses. I mean really??! Come on Nicole learn how to pose and take pictures or no more . period.
- Getting to wear your shirt inside out one day this week because of our schools spirit week and new people coming in to the school and I look like I don't know how to put my cloths on.
-Making a trip to the grocery store buying: puppy treats (3 kinds for her training) Dog bones (she needs the big ones, no puppy size for her) dog food, and a dog brush. Getting home to remember you needed people food or you and your husband will starve by tomorrows dinner. Opps I guess I care a little too much about the puppy.
-The weather man saying we would get 4-8 inches of snow only to wake up to about 10inches of water and rain. No Mr. weather man we are in a flood state not a winter snow storm...sorry buddy.
-Driving through puddles that have flooded the road and now could be considered new rivers , too late to turn around , too late to stop just power through and realize you had your eyes closed while you drove through the river.


- Taking said puppy to her first Obedience School and she rocked it. I know most moms (and yes that should go under Awkward, i just called myself her mom, I am aware) say their dog's / kids are the best at all things but I was prepared for an unruly dog, just out of control, smelling everything, jumping, barking, going crazy....and she didn't. She didn't obey first time but she learned and came into line, I was very impressed. Even the teacher used her as an example and did okay!
-watching a movie on tv with no commercials with husband..
-Wearing outfits that cost under 40.00 from head to toe!
-Working through tough and hard situations and knowing that God will never leave me or give me more then I can handle and will be by my side through it all.

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Happy Thursday my blogger friends!! Tune in for tomorrow it is letter E day....I know you are on the edge of your seats.


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  1. I am so impressed with your outfit! I need to go shopping with you. I especially love the look with the blazer. Keep up the great blogging!