Monday, October 31, 2011



My sweet amazing friend Sarah (Sarie June)  informed me I could take color out of my cloths and put color back in it! In fact an entirely different then it came as! So here is a little glimpse into my world....I jump in full force I have done 4 garments and am scouring my wardrobe for cloths I do not wear or that need updated....I am buying new colors of RIT Dye and looking on their website for more color combinations that I can make...I am out of control! . The ones I have done are :
Jeans that originally were Gray now a Wine/  Berry color. 
Sweater that was purchased at a garage sale for 1.00 that was light purple, now is a Jewell tone blue.
A pink "Loft" skirt that I ruined with blue ink (some how) now A rust color.
A blazer that was once cream sickle orange and white stripes now is blue!

Here is the entire outfit re-dyed and made NEW!   

 Sweater- Garage Sale 1.00
Belt (came with another dress) 
Skirt- Ann Taylor Loft (thrifted) re colored total cost 14.00
Brown tights- Target
Ridding Boots- Target 
Gold accessory - Macy's & Nordstroms 
Necklace- Forever 21 - 4.99

 I have been wanting a blue blazer, couldn't find one that i loved so I switched up this one:

My orange and white strip jacket.....

My new blue jacket. And my take on the "blue and pumpkin" outfit. And Sarah and I matched! 

So bright I cant see! :) I love beautiful fall weather

 Our big plans for today ....Finances / Budget (gross) my least favorite word in the entire world! And having my baby brother and his girl "Friend " come over for a movie and dinner. And hope if we in fact do the universal sign of we are not participating in Halloween and "Turn off the porch light" no one will come to our house for candy....because we have NONE.  Husband and I are addicted to candy so keeping it in our house is a rare thing!



  1. You're beautiful honey. I love you.

  2. I am super impressed with your dye jobs! Amazing! Love the colors you chose... what a great way to remix your wardrobe!

  3. What an amazing transformation- I love the first outfit- the colours are perfect for fall! Happy Halloween (I ate all the candy too- thank goodness I live in a condo and no kids come!)

  4. Your dyed pieces turned out really well! When I've tried Dying clothes they come out streaky :( I absolutely love the colour combo in the first outfit, the muted rusty orange wIth the teal blue is so pretty!

  5. I have a few pieces that I'm wanting to dye. Yours turned out great! Does it matter what the original color was when you go to dye an item another color? I'm truly a novice at this dye thing!! :)

  6. My friend taught me these super important things:
    1. Make sure you do it stove top, it keeps the water just hot enough.
    2. does not matter what color original color is but make sure you get it all out and then rinse after, so no lingering chemical is there.
    3. add salt helps the color.
    4.Make sure you stir it for at least 30 min...or longer...that way the color has been absorbed! Good Luck :)

  7. will it bleed in the wash after it is done?