Friday, October 14, 2011

Days go by

 Old School

Some days I wake up to this almost new realization (may not be that new, I just choose to push through it and ignore it ) That I am growing up, that its been years since I was in high school and I can not stay up as late at night and BOUNCE back in the morning ( I seriously do not know how we did it, and then to look even better the next day....shocking) I can not eat what I once ate, how our minds make us still feel young and yet we are aging everyday.  In fact my baby brother is in full swing of his senior year. He just had his 19th Birthday, he is doing college visits, scholarship stuff, and loving life.
I had the fun privilege of helping him with his Senior Pictures this last Saturday! And when I say "FUN" I mean, Him yelling at me in his deep manly voice that he does not want to wear what I picked out and that I am making him into a "fake" because he does not wear these outfits normally....Me instructing him that he will in fact listen to me and obey me and wear what I have picked out. He walks over and looks down at me and smiles this little smirk...when did he get so tall?! I am the older sister! no worries all ended well! (he wore the outfits for the most part)

He is such a cutie... But I might be a little bias too! 

My amazing (Kinda) Sister in Law , who is booming into the business, did these pictures for us!

Thank you Shelsi Lindquist for your amazing talent and eye! *Go check out all her pictures on facebook!

Our Mamma and Jeff
 Oh how much I love my mamma. She is an amazing woman of God, Faith, Family and such a giving woman. I have never met anyone like her before, she is a gift to all of us. I am blessed to call her mom and friend.

His favorite thing to do! EVER

My baby brother is 8 years younger then me and growing up! When I took on this position at the school it was in hopes that I could get to know my brother again, I had moved out and went off to college and got married long before he was in high school, I wanted to watch him in High School Sports and be around for all the "little, Big" things that happen. And I am so glad I did, it has been so fun getting to know Jeff as a young adult and not a little brother who would beat me up around the house and tell mom on me (which I'm pretty sure he still does) but get to know the heart in him. I am so proud of him and who he is becoming. I am excited to watch him have the best senior year and graduate and head off to college! He makes me a proud big/ little sister! Love ya Talls!

 Nic & Cole

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  1. Wow what great pics! Love the editing on the one of him swinging the bat.