Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What I Wore.

I have felt like a complete slacker. I had not taken a single picture all weekend of my outfits and I am pretty sure I Loved my outfit on SUNDAY! YET NO PICTURE. 
I Need a wardrobe makeover or something. I feel very BLAH in my blending and layering and thinking lately.

Here is what I do have. 

 My Beautiful and Talented Friend Laurie. Her and her wonderful husband had some friends over for a "Friends Giving" So much fun! 
 Lace Shirt- Awesome find at Fred Meyers 
 Jeans- J Jeans, thrifted 
 Black heels - Target
 Blazer - Gap, Thrifted

We are in the middle of the School's SPIRIT WEEK, this week so my outfits have been a little different then normal. We are TWINS, our amazing 1st grade teacher Michelle, who is one styling mom, She went this last weekend to Nordstroms and made many purchases including these great Jeans!  
 Yellow Vest- Borrowed from my friend Kelly. 
 Scarf- H&M 
 White Shirt- Target
 Jeans- Express
 Black Flats - DSW 
 *What I failed to take a picture of was MY SOCK BUN! It turned out GREAT . I love it so much, so easy and fun. If you are looking for that blogger bun look check this out. The amazing Sock Bun  

Us trying to make a HEART. Didn't work so well. but love the picture itself.

Here is a few more of our family pictures from last Sundays photo Shot.  

 This last picture reminds me of my amazing husband, and how much he loves me and supports me and treasures me. I am so blessed to be his best friend and wife. 
He always makes me Laugh like there is no one around and love to the fullest and love every minute of my life and our life together! 

Happy styling, hope you are having a better week at picture taking then I am! 

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  1. You and your husband are adorable! Love how your personality shines through in these photos.

  2. Love all of these! I adore your hair. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?