Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Thomas

Husband Birthday.

We took the long jaunt up to Seattle on Wednesday, headed out early to "avoid Holiday /rush hour traffic" Ya, well that did NOT WORK. With only 6 hours, one very not happy ONE year old in a car seat  and two adults squished in the back seat of a car , we made it there!
But it was well worth the trip, we got to have all the Brittingham's together in one house! We celebrated big time this weekend. Thanksgiving, my mother in laws 60th birthday, and 2 of my nephews FIRST birthday!
Then we came home and threw husband a big 30 BIRTHDAY BASH last night! 
What a fun and family filled time. 

 Me and my Sisters (in law and one of their mom's) headed out to target on BLACK FRIDAY. Where we all purchased a Christmas present for our self  families :


 Celebrating our Nephew Cason Thomas Brittingham FIRST Birthday!

I made these for Tom's 30th Birthday party!

 Some of our BESTEST Friends. 

 Andrea, Cara, Myself , Kelly and Therese! 
My baby sister Noelle her husband Isaac and the birthday boy

This tops it all. One of our best friends showed up and took off his coat and showed off his love. Also followed up by a very funny and border line I should be concerned for their love card! ;)

Dave and Tom! 

 *I have to gush a little bit, since that's what I do. But I am brought to tears on a regular basis when I think back to a few years ago. When I started to date Thomas and then we got engaged and then married, he was the new kid on the block around here, The rest of us grew up, stayed here and know everyone in the city. My husband is a very outgoing, loves crowds and people, can and will be the life of EVERY party. But Dave and Kelly took us in and gave us a friendship that I hoped and prayed for, they loved the new guy, he was away from his friends and family and Dave gave him that. And I look at this picture and I know that its a true friendship. Thank you Dave and Kelly for being such amazing friends and loving us, supporting us and befriending . I am blessed by the friendship we have! 

And this just makes me smile and reminds me of why I love this man so deeply and truly.

 He loves his candy. Thank you to Jay and Laura for bringing his favorite two candies! He wont even let me touch them!

Happiest of Birthdays my sweet amazing and wonderful husband and best friend. You are the love of my life and I am so honored to be part of your life FOREVER!! 
May 30 be the best year yet !
I love you.



  1. Okay... and this is where I type this through tears because... hello.... AWWWWWWWWW moment right there! I'm so glad that Dave & Tom have each other - even if they're borderline "excessive" in their PDA's... you guys are wonderful and I truly, madly, DEEPLY cherish our friendship!! Love you both!

  2. Alright I'll admit I misted up a little myself. What a lovely recap, Nicole. Love you guys. (And your awesome paper pom poms!!)