Tuesday, November 15, 2011



I am so grateful that the past is the past. That in fact when you grow up you really do "Grow Up" you mature and become a more rounded person, you learn to see the BIG picture and not through a little hole in a fence where you can only see that little spot, but in fact you can see the entire yard, because what you learn is that what is in the entire picture is more important then that little issue that little view. 
I say all of this to say I love how amazing Love and Forgiveness is. How something at sometime in my life could be so painful and sad and hard can be so sweet and rewarding and that after all is said and done a friendship survived. Because at the end of the day I would rather say I have loved to the fullest, I have forgave , I have been forgiven then anything else. Isn't that greatest command in the bible? LOVE. To love one another. And it takes situations in my life for me to remember and bring me back to that truth. 

My best friend growing up, Michelle. She is so sweet and beautiful and after 12 years I got to sit down and talk and reconnect with her, a chance to be part of her life again. I am so glad we are who we are today and where we are at in our friendship. And so thankful we are not in high school anymore! I love being an adult at these moments in my life.  

Happy Tuesday! 

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