Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hunter Boots!

I got them.

I was so happy to open up the mail box yesterday and find a big box with my name on it! I calmly walked inside and waited like an adult to open them and see the beauty that was inside. . . WELL WORTH THE WAIT. My next adventure was dressing them up so I can wear them to work! I am not 100% happy with the outfit but it was a good first try.

 Stripe Shirt- Fred Meyer
 Vest- Romy 
 Black Skinny Pants- JC Penny 
 Knee Socks- Fred Meyer
 Hunter Boots- Ebay!

My brand new, amazing Hunter Boots! Just in time for the rainy season to kick in (last night it poured rain like I was taking a shower) crazy storm! But that was the fun part about being married, I stayed nice and dry inside with my beautiful amazing husband and had the fire going and we worked on projects around the house. I love little moments like these, because I know what lies ahead, although great and wonderful things, it will not always be just me and him, one day we will have a house full of kids! "Us" will look different and change, watching what we want (even though we choose Disney any day of the week) we wont have nights of just laughing and running around the house while he chases me( dog in tow as well) And I want to soak up all of it! I am not just in love with LOVE I am truly in love with my Thomas. 
 One of my favorite shows of all time...The Office, has a scene I have taken into my daily life. It is Jim and Pam's wedding, Crazy all over, and they are sitting there and she says something like this (it may be inaccurate because its my interpretation of the scene) "I want to look back on this crazy day and remember the little things, the moments" And she brings her fingers up and make a camera, and makes her finger push down and clicks, like she is taking a mental picture of that moment!!! LOVE.
Enjoy your little moments, take your mental pictures! 
Sorry for the sappy moments here! Guess its just one of those days~



  1. I think the boots are great!~ I'm visiting from The Pleated Poppy.~
    ~Lisa @

  2. The boots finally came! Woo Hoo! Love them on you! So trendy and practical for our wet Oregon weather.

  3. I love that scene from the Office- one of my favourite shows! I LOVE these Hunter boots- I don't think I've seen them in that colour before!

  4. Cute boots, you chose a great colour :)