Monday, November 1, 2010

3 Things Friday- Noelle

When Friday hits there is a sound you can hear all over the school and probably all over every work force,  a sigh of relief....."ahhh the work week is ALMOST over" and "ahhh I get to hang out with my husband for the weekend" - well the second one is what I say!

3 Things You Should know About Me Friday:

1. I love to sleep...It is a God given gift that I treasure everyday and wish I could do more.
2. I have passed out at the Eye doctor and the dentist, and my latest fainting spell came at my sisters dermatologist appointment. We walked into her room and I knew that I wasnt going to make it out of there. So 15 min later Noelle passes out and the last thing I said to her doctor was "I am going to need some smelling salt"  And down I went. I was told later that I passed out and the doctor and nurse carried me to the next room and put me on the examining table, took my blood pressure and temperature.
You have got to watch out for those "Lehman Girls "they are fainter's...and when we are both laying on the doctors table passed out I think they put your name in the the black book for doctors! The "do not treat List" or the "Treat at your own risk" I have woke up to  doctors with wide eyes and sweat beading off their heads. Because they went into their Field of expertise thinking "this is not life endangering procedures I am going to be doing and out patient..I don't really need to know how to work an oxygen tank and mask for a patient BECAUSE Who passes out at the eye doctor or the dentist or for goodness sake the Dermatologist office? The Answer is ME. and well NOELLE
3. I would choose Mints such as Tick Tacks, Mentos, or Gum over chocolate any day!!! 

Sorry that this 3 things Friday came out on Monday :) Happy Monday to you, Happy November 1st-And I read a post today on facebook, that said there is 53 days and 12 hours until CHRISTMAS is here! :)

Nic & Cole


  1. Nic, I love you, but #3 is shameful(unless I can be sitting next to you when you pass over the chocolate and I get it instead!)

  2. Oh I love the fainting Lehman girls... they make great stories... and they'll apparently have to adopt beautiful children one day! LOL

  3. ha ha ha, I love the fainting stories! And
    I can not believe ANYONE would choose a TIC TAC over CHOCOLATE!!! I learn something new every day!