Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet and Sappy Tuesday's

I love the season of life that we are in RIGHT NOW!!!! I am a newly wed and enjoying all that comes with that! :) we just hit our 4 month-aversary, and if I could I would go away on a honeymoon every month to celebrate us and our marriage-WHY NOT RIGHT?!!  We are busier than we have ever been, we are getting to know our new life together and each others family and friends, I have gained a ton of new family and friends in a short 1 year span. YES we have now been together over a year. I went to Ontario last year this time and meet his parents!!! And last October 17th I knew that I was going to marry Thomas.*my sweet sappy story time-
Meeting the parents is a big step in any relationship, even if you knew them before now its, "I like this person and I am bringing them home as a future potential spouse" type visits. We left on Friday October 16th took the 7 hour drive, and loved every second of it (not that I am a quality time person or anything?!!) So many thoughts going through my mind about his parents and family and our future and the "what if's" as I like to call it ...being a GIRL. I walked in, only to be hugged and made part of the family at that moment! we spend the next couple days just talking and getting to know each other, while Tom sat just smiling at what was taking place. Tom  went and got ready leaving me alone with his parents....his dad said to me "You are the first girl our Tommy has ever brought home and we have been trying to get him to shave and get a hair cut for a year now, and after 2 months with you, he comes home, clean shaving and with short hair! We are going to keep you around. HE IS GOING TO KEEP YOU AROUND" with a big smile he walked away. Saturday we headed into Boise to eat, walk around and shop- and yes I had my first Cabelas shopping experience! On the way home it was dark, his parents are up front and us in the back. I almost sat as an onlooker just watching him and his parents talk and laugh and how much love was in this family, His dad reached over and grabbed Kathy's hand and held it, and said something real low and soft and she threw her head back and that moment I knew that's what I wanted, I wanted to be in my sixty's holing hands in the car with Mr. Thomas Brittingham talking and having babies and all that comes with it. Tom reached over and grabbed my hand and wiped my tear away and said "Are you thinking about spending the rest of your life with me? because it sounds pretty good to me!!" 

So that is a big mile stone in our relationship one of many that lead us to where we are today!
Stay tuned for next Sappy Tuesday, they only get better and better!!! :)

Nic & Cole 


  1. Hey Oct. 17th is our your story. Looking forward to next Tuesday's sappy story. :)

  2. Oh I am definitely a fan of Sappy Tuesdays. Love it and love you girlie!!!

  3. Great story! And the best part is you will have it all written down so you can remember it without forgetting any parts.

  4. are you going to do any other posts then just the sappy tuesday because they might just be too much for me....... HAHAHA :) i kid i kid, but seriously lol cute and more stories would also be nice. love you sis

  5. Just had my own sappy Tuesday. Back from hunting. Bible study over.
    Hubby home from work.
    I love him!!

    Hugs friend.

  6. Sappy Tuesday is a cute idea! Tricia's right - how awesome to have your story written down to read 20, 30, 40 years from now :)