Friday, November 5, 2010

3 Things Friday-

What a crazy week it has been , thank goodness its Friday, I thought thursday was going to last all day!!!!!

1. I hate to drive. I get really distracted by the head lights and oncoming traffic and end up more stressed out from driving then anything else. I get headaches and I sweat (but I do do a good job, so if I drive your children around please don't be scared) And I HATE with a passion driving in the dark. Interesting fact= I would rather talk on the phone while driving then anywhere else, it for some reason is more fun while in the car to talk to someone. (But of course on my fancy blue tooth-hands free)
Even at Pats Acres I get all nervous driving! i look calm and collected but my heart is racing and my hands are sweating!

2. I LOVE books, to collect them, read them and put them on my bookshelf. i guess you could call it my hobby or collection. 
And yes I do judge a book by its cover, the book better be cute and stylish or old and classic, and I will or wont purchase it by the way the book looks. Between Tom and myself we have 90+books. 

3.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE!!! :) My dream is to one day own my own clothing line. We are going to name it Brittingham's Inc. (open for suggestions still-its negotiable) We would have different lines that would include the Nollie's - Jeans and shirts made for tall people built like an athlete. We would have the Cole's for short straight builds. I think I will have boots (of course I will) and that line with be the Sarie Jane's. And so on... And we would nick name our jeans - BRITTS!- OK I love it!!! 
And one day I would love to be walking down the street (and I picture myself in boots and a cute tunic and leggings with some great accessory!) I over hear someone say...."ohh my goodness are you wearing a pair of Britts?!!" Makes me smile just thinking of it. I have some other unique ideas but i cant share so no one steals my edge. haha! And one day I want to bless those hard working mammas that buy their kids new cloths and have to pass on their own! 
And on a similar side note,I wanted to give a shout out to my dear sweet friend Cara- she is one of those very self-less mom of 5, who gives and gives and I am so proud of her and her new purchase of skinny's, and ridding boots-she is looking pretty hot!! (I have a cute picture of her sporting her outfit and can not upload it! :( )  

Nic and Cole 


  1. I love finding out new things about you! And #3 - LOVE!!!

  2. That was a great post. So your hubby likes to read too?! I knew I like that guy:)

  3. So fun! I find the image of two married people sitting up in bed with his and her reading lamps and tacky reading glasses so romantic...I know I'm a nerd.

    And in your clothing line please make ones for ladies whose behind is two sizes bigger than their waist. You could call them the Cara or Caralee's...oh in tall please!!

  4. Woo Hoo...Cmon' baby, let's get this new clothing line started!