Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Things Friday- On Location

My disclaimer....I was using my phone to write this post and it froze up and never sent it...so better late then never.

We are on location at willamette falls hospital, waiting on my brother to come out of surgery. His very first time with an IV and hospital for any reason It made me start to think about the last time I had surgery so here is a walk down memory lane.

1. I have undergone 2 surgeries. The first one was when I was 2 years old I got tubes in my ears. So I don't really remember it or being nervous about it. The second one was I was 8. I got my tonsils taken out. between being nervous and on drugs I don't remember too much about that day, other then the doctor being really big and asking me to count down from 10.. So I was had something to prove, because how old did this guy think I am...of course I can count down. Well I got to 9 and was out. Next thing was a nurse waking me up to go back to my parents. on the way home I threw up in our Astro Mini van, and I was directly behind my mom so she got sprayed pretty good~ That will teach her to take me to get surgry!
2. I have broken both my ankles! So needless to say I hate crutches with a passion, if I never have to see one again it will be too soon. I broke the first one my Junior year of highschool, playing Volleyball. I went up for a hit and came down on it sideways and it popped. 
the other ankle was my Freshman year of college, I was running and came down it it sideways - I really should learn how to walk and not step sideways. 
3. I am allergic to a lot of crazy things, and as I get older I get weireder! I have become allergic to Soy- If I choose to disobey that (even if a soy chia tea taste better then a reg chia tea) I  delvelop a rash from head to toe and a nice 103 fever to acompany it - itching a looking like I have flees all over my body for a cup of Chai tea is not worth it any more...but believe me it took me a couple breaks of the rules to figure it out. 
I am allergic to Neosporn- YES the medicine desined to help you heal with out scars and fast, causes me to swell up like a balloon. So we are a Neo free house! ONLY POLYsporn allowed. 
(and no it does not work as good) 
I am allergic to Atorpine- In my last 3 things Friday I shared what happens if I get that~ my very weird passing out and potential concussion if I hit my head. Garlic, a type of ani-histamine, and I cant think of any more at this time. 

I will be going into my 3rd surgry tomorrow. I will be a little less wiser......I am getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. I have 2 impacted, causing me to look like a chipmunk at the moment I'm a little swollen, and the worst pain of my life so far.

Nic and Cole 


  1. Wisdom teeth. Good times! I think it's strange that you are allergic to garlic? You do have some crazy allergies!

  2. Thinking of you...Your body isn't allowed any funny stuff this time. Normal allllll the way!