Monday, December 6, 2010

Im an Auntie!

Babies, Babies and more Babies!!

This year has brought a lot of Change for me personally but also for the Brittingham Family. With a new marriage, and 3 out of the 4 "Britt Boys" got promotions and new jobs!! 2 of them have moved locations, but also the NEW JOY of not only 1 but 2 new Brittingham Boys, promising to make their appearance this winter!

Sheena was due November 13th and Jenn was due December 20th. 

Oliver James Brittingham was a stubborn little guy and wanted to wait an extra week, he was a little to comfortable inside. He was born on Nov 19th weighing 8lbs and 13 ounces and sooooo cute. He looks just like his mom, and has the Brittingham chin. It was fun to be part of his birth and get to hold him and love on him.
             Minutes after he was born..I love him just staring up at his daddy!

And 2 days later Jenn went into early labor they put her on bed rest in the hospital and after a week in there, they could not get her blood pressure down and baby was needing to come now. So they did emergency C Section. 
                          Cason Thomas Brittingham 

Weighing 5 pounds 1 ounce was born Nov. 26th named after his uncle Thomas! (which was a great surprise to us)There is a very sweet story behind the birth of Cason. His parents had decided to be done and 3 days before they got the issues solved, Jenn got pregnant. And their son Jaxon, had said "mom I had been praying that Jesus would give me a baby brother. And he answered my prayers." - Not only did Jaxon pray for another kid but a brother and that Jesus told him that his brothers name would start with a C!!! :) 

He is doing great, gaining weight by the day, he looks just like his older sisters and brother! 

                So that adds the Niece and Nephew count up to 8!!!!

I love being in a big family that will only continue to grow, It was something I had prayed about my entire life that I would have lots of sister and brother in laws and lots of babies!

Ollie James Brittingham  

Auntie Cole and Uncle Thomas with baby Oliver

And one day we will be holding our own, but for now this is GREAT! I love being an Auntie~

Nic and Cole


  1. Love that you got great pics on here.
    It is very moving to have someone use your name in their kids name. Honoring is very weak word for it.
    Marriage....and baby Oliver looks good on you both!

  2. What a sweet story about Cason! That being said... I hope the same doesn't happen to me!! ha ha :)

  3. These two young boys are blessed to have such wonderful auntie and uncle. Enjoy! And dont you just love it when the Lord talks to the little ones...aahhhhh. :)

  4. Great blogging. Love to catch up on your life and family:) The best thing about being an Auntie is you get to hold and play with them and then go home and sleep through the night!