Monday, September 10, 2012

Toe injury of 2012

Fruit Make Up My Weeks.

Its a fun little tradition we have of taking pictures of how big the baby is compared to fruit. As stated in previous blogs I cant visually see 2 1/2 cm big or half an inch but I can tell you how big a raspberry and Grapes are.

I had to look up (google is my best friend most days)for how big other pregnant people are at 8 weeks, because i feel like I am showing already and popping out and its awkward and I don't like showing it off yet. I feel like I am trying to be that "pregnant woman" so i don't fit my clothes much anymore, pants are all getting a little tighter and my shirts...well those look terrible on me. I luckily have an amazing mom who keeps getting me bigger shirts to wear and bring them over on a daily basis and friends that loan me the next size up in jeans, and this amazing invention of a belly band to keep my unbuttoned pants up... yes some days I am that girl with my zipper down and button undone on purpose! My yoga pants and socks have never felt soooo good i actually dream about wearing them all day and to all events. My "I have had for  7 years skinny jeans"....gone, I wore those for the last time probably in my life as my hips are expanding a little body here i come.

you may notice my big bandage on my toe in the next picture, I like to refer to it as the toe injury of 2012. Long story short, I got onto the escalator at work, someone called my name I spun around and went to just walk back off the escalator (the wrong way) caught my toe in the next coming step, and boy those things are sharp and painful, I was in instant pain, my toe was cut open in multiple places, blood all over the sales floor, I had an er trip and stitches, along with a tetanus shot that hurt like a hole in the head, they starved me for 6 1.2 hours and i had no water or couldn't go to the bathroom, i was the pregnant crying woman in the back of the er where they forgot about me and finally when a nurse came in I broke down and asked for them to just let me go home I didn't care I was bleeding everywhere but I was starving. He grabbed me some food from a party there were having and water and fixed me up, at this point my numbing meds wore off and i could feel everything he was doing but I didn't care i wanted to go home, I ended up slightly fracturing the inside of my foot and limped around for weeks!!! Lame I know! Brutal to be a gimp and in pain for weeks and walk around with a giant toe! I was a big hit with the little kids and dogs, they just wanted my bandage!

                                                                          8 weeks
                           Jacket & shorts- F21, Shirt & Shoes- Target

                                                                          9 Weeks
                                 Pants- Silvers, Scarf- Gifted, Shirt- Target
 The Baby at 8 weeks, its looking (facing) left and if you look real close you can see little ears and cheeks and facial features. Husband swears its a boy and says he can tell from the picture, we went in thinking i was almost at 9 weeks and found out I was only really 8weeks and 1 day, so not really but kind of had to redo week 9 and that was a big bummer. But the baby is healthy with a strong heartbeat and this mamma cant wait to see more picture of him/her. As soon as they turned the speakers up laying there on the bed watching the screen not sure what to really expect since the only time I see this scenario is on TV or movies, and that heartbeat that sounds like a washing machine came on it took my breath away....tears pooled out of my eyes and my heart felt like a mom for the first time in my life. I feel in love with this baby and I know I have so much more to experience and hear and see and a new love but if its anything like what I felt hearing my baby's heart I am in for the time of my life. I got to watch my husband see his first child on that screen and it was just this amazing overwhelming experience and i am so honored to get to do this with him.

                                                   My baby hound dog! Love this girl.

We are headed into week 10 I will try to take more outfit pictures that is if I get out of my yoga pants!! NO promises!


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