Monday, September 17, 2012

Same Pants Everyday.

Between fighting a cold and pregnancy I have been drained of all my energy. So this weekend i spent most of my days on Pinterest and of course re fell in love with it and found yummy food I might actually eat and ideas for the baby's room and what I want my house to look like and organizational ideas that look good in theory but not actually getting off the couch or bed to do them at this point! I did however get up and get dressed a few times this past week. Hurray me!!! But our church prayer groups and Bible Studies start back up and I actually get to go to them for the first time in my adult life so I will be getting in actual picture taking quality outfits soon...!

 My friend gave these to me on "Borrow" status. They are one size bigger and they are so comfortable and stretchy and actually super cute, I wear them almost everyday!!
American Eagle Jeans, Top-Romey, Jacket- Nordstroms


And can any one help a girl out with Blogger, did they change a few come I cant enlarge all my uploaded will either let me do the first one and that's it or none! Starting to make me frustrated.

Happy Monday!



  1. So nice to find something comfy to wear right now! The pants look great on you and I really like the lace top!

  2. I think you might like this fashion blog.
    Your bringing back some uncomfortable memories!!!
    Have a good day today!

  3. Hope you are doing ok! Just wanted to check in on you.