Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A BIG announcment

20 Weeks.

I have realized that its been a few weeks since I last wrote and that may have left questions in your minds, but have no fear, baby and me are GREAT! The sweet and very fashionable Leah shot me an email to check in with me, so here I am! Thank you for being so nice and checking in with me, my blogger friend!!  

My morning (all day, who are we kidding) sickness subsided about week 17, that was a beautiful day seeing as I was in tears and hated being pregnant at that point. I am now in the "honeymoon" stage of pregnancy, where i don't need naps, I am sleeping better, I can keep food down, and although smells still get to me i can eat food, all except Chicken and spinach. About week 18 I started to feel our baby move, and kick me and that was one of the  most incredible feelings EVER, it went from "yes I'm prego" to "oh wow there is a tiny person inside me kicking me" This last weekend, the husband got to feel a big powerful kick and some little ones after that!  this pregnancy has caused me to get a vocabulary and slang talk, that of a high school boy, I say things like "you mad bro" "home skillet" "what up?" just random things like that. Awesome I know!

We had our big ultrasound 2 days ago, and as any new mom and a complete control freak I NEEDED to know what we were having so I could plan and paint and just know! Baby had its legs closed at first and of course was face down so we didn't get to see a real good profile picture, but we are right on schedule, all measurements are good, nice and healthy, (a big sigh of relief for me) and we are happy to say we are having: 

A Girl!!!!
Baby Reagan will be arriving April 10th 2013 (or a few days sooner ;) )

As they told us to look at the screen and then said that's your daughter, tears streamed down my face (kind of out of fear, for raising a girl, its hard work) and because we couldn't be happier. I have had countless dreams since I got pregnant that it was a girl so that was fun to see it actually come true. All my life I only ever imagined having boys, so this is a big change of mind for me, but i am ready for the challenge.

The next few months will bring a lot of change, including i have officially "popped out" there is no hiding this baby bump or sucking in and squeezing in between chairs and walls, or sleeping on my back!!

                                                                      Week 20
                                                   Hello Cute Thomas & Nicole

                                                                      Week 18
                                                                         Week 19

Thanks for checking in Leah, and everyone else! i will try to be better about getting on here!

Love ,


  1. Yah - thank you for the update :) Now that we found out we are expecting especially I love to see your outfits and hear your pregnancy stories!!

    So glad you are finally feeling better and CONGRATS on the baby girl :) I'll be watching for more updates. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. So excited! can't wait to see this sweet baby Reagan! Love the post