Saturday, June 2, 2012


A new outfit!

These "new pieces" are few and far between these days...but I have been saving this skirt for almost 3 was a birthday find back in Feb. at Nordstrom's (not on sale of course because it was the up coming fashion for the season)BUT too cute to say no! And deep down every girl wants to look like she is in a school uniform at least once in her life...but not the brittany spears look... and if you know Oregon wait the entire Northwest weather you know that maybe even in June you wont be able to wear a skirt...but it finally was nice so I broke this out, took OFF THE TAG what a great sound that is, of a tag ripping off and paired it with my new to me boat wood shoes and headed out to a graduation with Husband.

Boyfriend Blazer- Forever 21 / Chambray Shirt- H&M / Skirt - Free Hug / Shoes- Miz Mooz

I was sick for the first 2 Days of this week, so this my or may not have been the only outfit I got in this entire week!! No judging...The yoga pants happen to be a great friend when you feel like you are dying and if anyone touches your skin you will punch them in the the face, and your lower back has a 50 ton elephant on it. But this weekend is a different story, I have to dress up everyday my little brother is graduating for High School (crazy) and i have a ton of family and social gatherings to attend. Happy super late Friday night or Saturday Morning.!!!


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