Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3rd June 12th

What I Wore Wednesday.

It was our 2nd anniversary last night! So that meant flowers, cards, candy, gifts and a surprise date to the Portland City Grill...which happens to be my all time favorite and where we went on our 1st stage of our honeymoon. Then  we got to walk around downtown for a bit and finished the night with a little Starbucks! Pure BLISS for this girl!
I got this little shirt on a whim at a thrift store- so glad I did
Pants - Forever 21
Jacket and Shoes- Target
Belt- Urban outfitters

My Husband, best friend-
What a whirl wind the last few years have been, we meet, dated, fell in love, planned a wedding, got married, bought a house, got a dog, quite jobs, started new adventures and have grown everyday in love and friendship. No one knows me like you, no one understands me like you do. And all I want to do for the next 60 + years is get to know you better, to be your very best friend the love of your lifetime and stay deeply, passionately in love with each other!
Thank you for the last 2 years you have given me, although sometimes challenging and crazy i wouldn't trade them for anything ! I am more in love with you then ever.  And know that only greatness and passion lie ahead of us!

Forever yours,

Nicole Renee

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Glad you had a great evening, and your shirt looks really good:)

    Pink Chai Style