Friday, June 29, 2012

Monday Confessional...on Saturday

Oh the busyness we call LIFE.

I wake up I think "Ohh I should blog" and then the dog goes crazy and wants food (go figure), there are 4 miles (or more) to be ran staring me in the face, the husband is calling my name to drink coffee with him and read, there are books to be finished, oh and the umpteenth time to watch some FRIENDS episodes (love).... oh and maybe one day during the week I can actually lay out in the sun and get burned, BBQ and Friends to host and hang out with... I love being a host its probably one of my favorite things to do these days ,house projects, sewing projects that are just laying there half finished…with no energy to finish them because a few of the seams are crooked, grocery’s to be bought, and this is all on a Monday morning! J

Gladiator Sandals- Payless / Jeans- Target / Tank- Urban Outfitters / Glasses- Sunglass Hut

I feel like My alter ego super hero has come out and she is ready to save the world !!!!

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Hey Nicole! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know I awarded you the Leibster Award on today's Messy Jess C post ( Enjoy and keep up the great blogging!